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The Good Student Skills Inhibiting Your Career Success

As higher education professionals, we understand the value of good education and working with good students, and in fact many of us have excelled as students ourselves. Students aren't told, however, that treating your job in the same way you handle school may not be the best option in terms of getting the most out of your career. In her article, Tara Sophia Mohr offers five "good student skills" you should avoid becoming stuck in: over-preparing, assuming good work is enough to gain notice, adapting to authority figures, looking externally for the answer, and following a linear path.

These learned academic skills and behaviors sometimes translate to careers but more often than not do not automatically equate with success in real world job settings. Contributing good work as a student is rewarded with an immediate payoff of good grades and opportunities to see progress or means of improvement. Remember that now you are not alone with your work and there is usually a team atmosphere whereas in the classroom you were essentially working for yourself and focused on earning your degree. Success in the workplace is not solely based on the work itself that you do, but in combination with how you must adapt to the people around you, learning how to both work alone and with others in a productive team oriented manner.

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