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Read this Article Now or Later? 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination in the workplace is not unusual. However procrastination can sometimes cause greater associated stresses, anxieties and feelings of being overworked that, if left unaddressed interfere with your performance and can become a serious problem. In her article, Jude Bijou suggests seven ways to increase your productivity at work and, in her words, "crawl out of the quicksand of procrastination" to remove anxiety and develop motivation.

For example, if a task at hand feels too daunting you might want put it off because it seems like too much at the time. Everyone has done this, but there are ways to decrease the emotions involved in taking on a difficult task or getting through that report due at the end of the day. Much like writing an article on procrastination needs to be broken down into smaller simple parts, taking on one large task will seem accomplishable with smaller individual tasks rather than one major feat. First, start by establishing a goal, and working from there. Identify the emotions that are causing you to procrastinate and try to let those go. Understand that you will run into issues along the way, but if you have planned out the process you're less likely to let these roadblocks keep you from obtaining the goal.

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