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The Job Interview Was a Disaster, Now What?

Scenario 1: You're running late. If you know you are going to arrive with a delay, let the interviewer know as soon as possible. Be courteous, and if you are running more than 15 minutes behind, offer to reschedule the interview. When writing your thank you note (a must-do for any interview), reiterate your apologies.

Scenario 2: You draw a blank. The hiring manager's question threw you for a loop, and you fumbled for an answer. Here, too, the thank you note becomes the tool with which to recover, as well as to emphasize your strengths and potential contributions to the company.

Scenario 3: You didn't establish a rapport with the interviewer. In this case, it is important to remember that the impression you made may not be as evident as it seems. The interviewer could have been under pressure or tired, and their disengagement may not reflect their opinion of you. It also might simply lead you to find that the company is not a good fit for you. Remember - the interview is not only an opportunity for you to find a job, but also to find the right fit.

Whatever your bad interview scenario, try to bounce back and use it as an opportunity to prepare for better interviews to come. Read the full article.