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College Administration as Another Option for the Ph.D.

Working in college administration can be a perfect fit for team-oriented Ph.D.'s interested in higher education but not faculty positions. Administrative structure varies among institutions, but all share the important role of shaping 'the big picture' of a university, viewing the entire campus holistically and adjusting it in order to create a happy and well-informed student body. To achieve these larger goals, college administrators can build relationships and collaborate on a smaller scale with more opportunities to work through and interact with all the departments of a university.

The administration and academic communities are markedly different, however, and while they respect each other they may maintain a certain degree of separation. A Ph.D. candidate considering administration but who also loves research and constant interactions with students should take into account an administrative post would potentially isolate from particular academic passions. For the Ph.D. who enjoys collaboration and solving complex logistical problems that make a university tick, the college administrative office just may be the place.Read the full article.