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Treating Candidates Like Supplicants, and 9 Other Recruiting Mistakes

We hear all about the missteps of applicants and interviewees in every career advice column ever, but it’s not as if the hiring committees are infallible. Dennis M. Barden provides a list of challenges hiring committees face in “Treating Applicants Like Supplicants, and 9 Other Recruiting Mistakes.”

Barden finds that hiring committees sometimes fail to understand the daily tasks of the positions they are attempting to fill and are therefore ineffectual in making the best selection. Other mistakes include neglecting to coordinate with one another prior to conducting a group interview, attempting to service their own departments’ interests, and being too polite to ask the important questions.

A hiring committee may also forget that they are still recruiting even during interviews, though they should not take the applicants commitment to the position for granted—the interviewee is likely looking at several options, and the interviewers should demonstrate their interest in the applicant, just as the applicant demonstrates interest in the position.

Most importantly, Barden claims, is overcoming the tendency to view the process as being more important than the result: While a perfect hiring process is satisfactory, the goal remains to make the best choice to fill the position.

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