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Take the Hit and Move Forward

People working in the field of academia face their fair share of adversity in terms of hurdles with research and attempting to form new ideas. It is difficult to receive criticism on something that has taken many months and many sleepless nights, however, people need to learn how to recover from being knocked down. While many university professors may believe that they are alone in receiving the harsh setbacks of academia, the reality is that everyone faces them. Therefore, there are steps that can be taken to continue to move forward effectively with your work.

First of all, people must recognize what the issues that their peers find in their work. Fatal flaws are rare, so there are often ways to revisit academic work and then improve upon it. Moreover, many people believe that the critiques of their work are inaccurate, in which case there is nothing wrong in seeking second and third opinions before engaging in a complete overhaul of the work you have put so much time into doing. After receiving the suggestions and advice from your peers, it can be helpful to consolidate the criticisms to use as a guide moving forward.

Consequently, you must recognize that your work can have problems with it but that they can be rectified. In order for this to happen it is best to set attainable goals, so you know the steps that you plan to take to improve on your work. These goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic.

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