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What Not to Do: A Provost Shares 12 Job Interview Bloopers

It is understood that there are many methods of approaching a job interview as well as many different opinions on what to say or do while in the midst of the interview. Oklahoma State University's Robert Sternberg has experienced and witnessed countless interviews throughout the course of his academic career as Provost, Senior Vice President and Professor of Psychology and Education, and shares the 12 major mistakes that people commonly make in the interview and how to avoid these bloopers.

Being prepared and practicing for an interview is never a bad idea but there are some telltale signs that employers look for that you might want to watch out for when in an interview. Among them is the importance of being direct and honest to best show the potential employer your strengths and weaknesses. Showing that you can identify your own weaknesses illustrates that you do not think too highly of yourself and you are not inaccurately portraying yourself. If you do not know an answer or do not have all the right answers it is okay to admit it as long as the phrase "I don't know" does not become a habit. Compatibility with others while in a work setting is just as important if not more important than the work that is being done, if you cannot work well with others you most likely will not be asked to join the team.

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