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Older and on the Market

In such a competitive job market today, it is easy to feel insecure about any factor that may separate you from other candidates; like age. It has become a growing fear that if you are older, you are less likely to be considered for employment. John Cawley, a professor at Cornell University, explains that it is important that if you feel qualified for a position, to ignore such factors. He does say, however, to remain realistic. For someone who is getting their Ph.D in their 50’s or 60’s, a tenure-track job might not be the right fit, because it can take many years before actually becoming a professor. Although some job positions may be more influenced by age, there are many other jobs where age is not such a factor. Oftentimes, being older can become beneficial, arguing that you bring more varied experience and knowledge to the position. Searching for a job at an older age ultimately becomes a game of finding the right fit, and turning your age and experience to your advantage; just like any other job search.

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