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4 Lessons for Aspiring Administrators

As an administrator, Kevin Gannon of Grand View University has learned several lessons for the aspiring administrator, and while his points may seem simple, he does not forget to mention that “there’s often a large gulf between “simple” and “easy.’” Gannon notes from his experience that, “Not every disagreement is a call to arms.” As an administrator it is important to keep yourself in perspective; balancing your institutional integrity with the universities values and knowing the issues that are significant enough to warrant your time and attention. Knowing when to advocate your power for the university and when to advocate for your colleagues is also crucial. As an administrator, the power to use your voice is a privilege and it is imperative to speak to matters that support your institution’s policy and advance your professionalism. Gannon also speaks to the value of not being afraid to ask for help; it is better to admit to not knowing and ask for guidance than to make costly errors. Gannons’ final lesson is to be kind to yourself and the environment in which you work. Do not over commit yourself to initiatives; you will work more effectively when you’re not spread too thin. Although Gannon only writes about a few lessons for the aspiring administrator, his pieces of advice are key points that foreshadow a successful future.

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