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Tips for Finding a Job in a Recession

Job-seekers fearing they cannot find a job often resort to 'shotgunning' – sending out dozens, even hundreds, of the same resume to different employers, hoping one of them sticks. This technique might feel productive, but shotgunning actually lowers one's chances of an interview or job offer, as it makes the candidate seem generic. Because many recruiters are told to keep searching until they find the ideal candidate, they may glance over and throw away a generic resume.

A less time-consuming and more effective way of job hunting is to launch a personal marketing campaign. After deciding what career track you want to pursue, use your resume to demonstrate what kinds of skills and talents you have acquired that would be applicable to this field and to the company you are applying to. Rather than simply a list of where you have worked and studied, your resume will become a business proposal, describing what you will bring to the company in exchange for the opportunity to work there. The hiring manager will appreciate the change in tone, and you will benefit from the feedback from potential employers. Read the full article.