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A View of Leadership from a Higher Education Professional Perspective

When you find yourself in a management position, will you remain a manager or become a leader? Do you want to be a leader?

While retaining the same services as in the past, today's higher education administrators have moved towards action-driven and strategic visions to achieve new and higher goals in how those services are delivered. Among the abundance of books, monographs and articles written on the subject of leadership, J. James Wager offers his perspective as a professional who has spent nearly 40 years in the higher education sector. He presents five characteristics of leaders that can influence and make a positive difference. To become a good leader, those appointed into management positions must understand their spheres of influence—or opportunities for impact on the lives of others—and demonstrate characteristics of discipline, humility, accountability, perseverance, and vision.

Read the article "So, You Want To Be A Leader" in College and University (Winter 2012):