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How to Evaluate the Leadership Style of the Interview Team

Going on an interview is not only about impressing your perspective employers. When on an interview you should always be presenting your best self, but you should also be watching and asking questions to all of the people interviewing you because the way they communicate could be a big indicator of your future success and happiness. The dynamics of the peoples conducting the interview, who are usually individuals in leadership positions, can help you figure out if the culture of a particular office is right for you. Ask questions that actually matter to you; don’t waste the chance to learn how well an organization collaborates by only asking questions that you think they want to hear. If you are going to go through all of the tribulations of finding a new job, you should make sure that its one that will work for you too!
See some sample questions and helpful reminders that will allow you make the most of your interview in the full article by HigherEd Job’s Eileen Hoenigman Meyer

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