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Acing Informal Interviews

For years, the focus for job seekers has been about finding and prepping for a formal, one-on-one questionnaire from an employer about your job application. Stephanie K. Eberle, however, helps us navigate the curve ball that is the informal interview, which is becoming more and more popular. Often times these informal interviews are for positions that are not even fully defined by the hiring institution. Eberle helps us understand that these interviews are still just as professional as the formal ones, and they can actually end up asking for more from the applicants!

Instead of merely listing off past experience, the informal interview calls for an applicant to project themselves into the future role. Eberle expands upon how to ace the important questions of: Why should we hire you, why do you want to work here, and how will you fit in? An informal interview is a conversation, one in which an employer will ask questions, but ultimately, the majority of the process is on you. It is up to you to do your homework on the organization and to explain what value you add to the employer.

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