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Privacy Training as Part of Higher Education Jobs

In his article, Daniel Solove argues for the role of privacy officers in higher education. He even goes as far as to predict that in a decade most institutions of higher education will have a privacy officer position and also privacy and security training for other staff.

As colleges and universities are regulated by varying federal and state laws with countless significant consequences in addition to FERPA, the knowledge required for privacy compliance calls for a new role for privacy officers within these institutions. A privacy officer would assess various departments of the institution, identify risks and areas of noncompliance, and offer a contact for people to reach with questions about privacy.

In addition to developing and implementing the position of privacy officer, Solove calls for institutions to provide employee training of technical safeguards and policies to ensure the human factor of error is avoided. He adds that data security must be collaborative and collective to be successful beyond just adding a security officer role.

He writes, "higher education is premised on the idea that education is one of the primary solutions problems, so it is surprising that higher education is lagging behind in providing privacy and data security training." Similar to the ways administrators are increasingly adding more training and education through post-graduate degree and certificate programs in the areas of enrollment management, so they should also consider ways to incorporate privacy and security training like other industries have done.

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