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Internships a Must for Job-Seeking Students

In a job market where college degrees seem to be diminishing in value, the accomplishments of finishing school, receiving good grades and earning a marketable degree may no longer be enough for the recent college graduate. Employers are looking for other things that can make you more valuable to them and, as a result, internships are now becoming a popular requirement for future employment.

NPR's Marketplace discusses the role of internships while students are in college and highlights Kristin Hayes' experience working with developmentally disabled adults. Some schools offer a work studies program allowing students workplace experience while in school, often counting toward school credit. According to Dan Berrett, senior reporter at the Chronicle, "Internships came back as the most important thing that employers look for when evaluating a recent college graduate." This is backed by numbers as well; in a recent survey by the National Associates of Colleges and Employers it was found that 60-percent of students with an internship while in college had at least one job offer out of college, while those without an internship had only a 40-percent chance of having a job offer upon graduation.

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