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Seven Assumptions Recruiters Makes About You Based on Your Resume

Applying for job after job without a call back for an interview can be incredibly frustrating, especially after you have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy into perfecting your resume. You make sure to include all of your contact information per formatting standards, list your prestigious degrees and detail every year of your precious and valuable professional experiences. Though you believe your resume to be too complete and refined to fail, you still can't seem to get in the door and hope is dwindling. Monster career expert Vicki Salemi writes in this article that often times, your not being selected to move forward in the recruitment process may have less to do with your resume writing ability and more to do with sometimes unfair yet crippling assumptions jaded recruiters make about you based on what is written on the page. This article will help you to control for these biases and give your resume the chance to represent you the way you deserve.

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