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Negotiating as Dating: Advice for Job Seekers

Over the past few years, negotiating salary has become an additional challenge for many job seekers after landing an interview. Salary may never be mentioned until after a number of interviews have already taken place and, once it is finally mentioned, may become a game of who will name the number first. For these kinds of discussions Alina Tugend offers a unique approach to negotiating: Consider job hunting as a lot like dating.

Like dating, both interviewer and interviewee are trying to figure each other out during the first conversations and avoid talking about the heavy topics in the beginning. When negotiating salary, you should maintain open responses and keep the conversation going in order to avoid naming your price too early or, even worse, over- or underselling yourself.

Negotiating encompasses more than just salary too. When you are offered a position at the end of the interview process, keep in mind the other benefits you can negotiate like vacation time, commute, opportunities for advancement, and those you will work with.

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