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Degree Required, but You Don’t Have One

For any job seeker, admitting that you don’t have a degree can be a terrifying thought. Many employers list a bachelor’s degree as a requirement for applicants, but people who have had “some college” and do not have a completed degree should “put in perspective this small piece of the total picture and [not to] focus on it” says Colorado based career counselor Katy Piotrowski.

Ms. Piotrowski says that recruiters must “realize that employees who don’t have degrees can be some of the hardest-working and most loyal, for the very reason that they feel themselves to be at a disadvantage in the job market.” In this economy it is important for job seekers to try and use their connections to get a foot in the door, and find confidence in their workplace accomplishments, experience and professionalism. For many, attempting to work full time and go to school full time is a daunting task, but for those who are only a few credits shy of a degree going back to school can be a practical, and potentially enjoyable, venture. Read the full article.