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Embrace Your Age, and Conquer the World

With over 80 million baby boomers alive today, now is the time to conquer ageism. After her 60th birthday, Peggy Klaus noticed herself avoiding mention of her age and decided it is time for people to start owning, and even embracing, their age. More and more often baby boomers are working well past retirement age; both out of enjoyment and stimulation as well as necessity. While there remain, in the broader culture, a number of negative perceptions about older workers, Klaus asserts the first step to remedying this perspective is for those people to examine their stereotypes and fess up to their fears. From there issues can be dealt with and attitudes adjusted.

Innovative ideas are not only from young minds; a study from Northwestern University shows that people from 55-60 have "even more innovative potential than 25 year olds". Life experience, professional experience, personal experience; these things only come with age. Attitude counts for a lot and as a senior in your field you probably help colleagues brag about themselves for job interviews or sales pitches; you shouldn't be afraid to brag about yourself a little bit too. "In and out of the workplace, we need to share our stories with pride. We have much experience and wisdom under our belts, which makes for a distinct perspective and, ultimately, a richer culture.

At this age, like any other, the key to happiness is to fully embrace who we are — to prize what we've learned and to appreciate how far we've come."

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