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Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders (Chapter 4, Leadership Lessons)

Working on projects with a team can provide an opportunity to serve as a leader or become a mentor. Taking on these responsibilities creates a unique position to teach, learn, and successfully reach goals together. Whether serving in a formal mentoring program, or falling into a mentoring role by chance, there are several questions to keep in mind to stimulate and improve the experience.

A mentor should ask themselves how to create a supportive environment for the team to explore leadership aspirations and enrich learning. Questioning ways to use challenges for self-evaluation and self-reflection can allow future leaders to rise to the occasion and develop crucial confidence in their capabilities. Finally, asking how to evolve from learner to leader or manager will produce a workplace where the mentee is prepared to become an effective leader.

As a prospective leader, one must consider how they can contribute to their department and not be afraid to seek opportunities to rise to meet challenges and expand their capabilities.

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