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How to Decline an Offer (But Leave the Door Open)

It can hurt to walk away from any job opportunities, but your options may be greater than simply accepting or declining an offer. Whether to you were actively looking for a job or if you were found by a recruiter, you are not out of bargaining chips if you can’t accept the position offered. The prospective employer has already admitted that they would like to hire you, so why not leave the door open for the future even if you don’t want to accept the position they’re offering at the moment. Be respectful of their offer and let them know exactly how you could see yourself fitting in in their organization. A polite response and complete description of the role you would be interested in can leave a positive impression on the hiring manager and can mean your name will resurface the next time there is a similar opening. K.H. Queen’s tips on leaving the door open after a job offer will help you figure out the best way to position yourself for the future.

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