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Why Lateral Moves are Important to your Career

Don’t overlook the opportunities that can arise from a lateral career move. Though in the past there may have been a stigma attached to lateral career moves, in recent years that stigma has faded away. Today, the average person stays in a position for less than 5 years. Lateral moves can be a chance to get out of a toxic work environment or a chance to shift the trajectory of your career by getting yourself into a department with more growth opportunities. By understanding the strategic value of a possible move you can determine if the switch is right for you. Even a seemingly unappealing career move can open you up to valuable skills that can accelerate your career path. But be wary of making too many moves back to back, which can keep you stagnating at one career level and salary for more years than intended. Kelly Bilodea, with the Washington Post, provides a few questions to ask yourself before you decide if a lateral career move is right for you.

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