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How to Negotiate the Contract You Want before Starting a New Job

Interviewing is an exhausting process. After commotion of multiple rounds of interviews, you might be tempted to end the excitement and say yes to the first offer that is put on the table. But not being prepared to negotiate your requirements can leave you leagues behind where you ought to be. While there is more to a job than salary alone (don’t forget to consider things like vacation time, benefits, flex schedules, etc. before entering into any negotiations) you still need to be sure not to be undervalued. When discussing compensation, it is important not to come off pushy or like you are negotiating just for the sake of negotiating, but rather to get employers to understand why you deserve what you are requesting. Still, you should be prepared to answer some tough questions. Negotiations are a give and take that should be in the best interest of the employer and the applicant. Every situation is unique, but the strategies and tips in this 2016 Washington Post article will help you prepare for your own negotiations.

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