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Starting Your Career - How Low is Too Low?

For the recent college grad, finding a job without any real work experience can be troublesome. Some are lucky enough to find a job right after graduation through networking and sheer perseverance but, for most that is not the case. The surest way to get that first job and gain necessary experience, in a good economy or a bad one, is to start at the bottom.

With the impending repayment of student loans looming, few people have the freedom to be picky about where their money comes from. Don't lose sight of your ultimate career goals, but instead of looking for the perfect job, look for an entry level position at the right company. Once you're a part of a company that interests you, you'll have a chance to prove yourself and make sure that it's your name they consider first for any new positions that open up. If Oprah can do it, you can do it too. Read the full article.