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Career and family - can you have it all?

Until recently, a family was seen by many working women as a distraction on their rise to high profile, high pressure jobs. Women and men alike were willing to forgo starting a family in order to make their way to the preeminent positions they desired. Today, more and more people are unwilling to compromise starting and caring for their families, despite the fear that job pressures will be too much to keep it all in balance.

In trying to balance a successful career and caring for a family, it is easy to spread yourself too thin. For the 71 percent of women in the workforce who have children ages 6-17, it is time to demand more flexibility in the workplace. Show that you can work full-time and be productive without remaining chained to your desk. Yes, personal and professional successes are possible simultaneously, but it will take some effort to make those conditions available to you. Read the full article.