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Reinventing Your Career without Having to "Reinvent the Wheel"

The crossroads of changing careers seems to become an increasingly common trend, but it remains a challenging and difficult endeavor for many. According to job search coach Laura Labovich, to successfully reinvent your career as something you enjoy means exploring what is needed first and then putting a foot in the door through part time work, internships or volunteer work in the subject. It is better to learn the field, those in it, and what they are looking for, she believes, before making a leap into a new field.

To gain ground in finding a new job or area of work, you must become an insider in the industry. With this background and preparation as an applicant, you are more able to prove to employers that you stand out from the rest, you already have some familiarity with the subject, and can accomplish the job at hand. The key is showing the employer that you are passionate and also know the particular job expectations and the field of work, making you a strong asset.

There are many opportunities to begin a new exciting career in a field that you truly enjoy. With just a few tips and suggestions a new job can become a reality not just a thought or dream. AACRAO has numerous job listings in our Jobs Online Section that are searchable by fields like Admissions, Information Technology, Records & Registration, International Admissions and more at

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