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Networking in the New Age of Technology: Tips for Job Seekers

Today's job market can often feel like an uphill battle after sending countless resumes via email or mail, not knowing who is on the other end and what has happened to your job application. The good news is that trends in technology and the job market have shown that networking, both socially and in business, can be just as important as one's resume to landing a job.

It is common practice to place a resume online and wait until you get a reply, but the growth of business networking online has made the process more of a two-way street. You, as the potential employee, can research and seek out jobs that appeal to you and then link up with an employer you would like to work for. Job networking websites such as LinkedIn are easy, proficient methods for sending or posting your resume online and making it available to thousands of potential employers at one time.

There are other ways to network without using a website, such as job placement firms that make it their business to represent clients on a personal level. For those in higher education, AACRAO offers many opportunities for expanding one's personal network, from becoming an AACRAO author to joining a committee, and attending AACRAO meetings that allow you to collaborate and network with others in the profession.

Meeting people outside of the job search also proves to be a major networking asset, whether it is through meetings, volunteering, or different social groups. Letting others know what you are interested in and would like for the future want can be extremely valuable, especially when speaking to people who may know someone hiring or are hiring themselves. Combining social and business networking gives an advantage beyond the common resume and application to help you find and land the job you want.

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