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Making the Most of the Slow Days of Summer

The lulls of an office in the summertime can be a great opportunity to learn more about your company and prove your worth - especially if you are a recent hire. Anna Prior offers a few simple dos and don'ts of how to make it through the summer without wasting all of your vacation time.

Do offer to take on the duties of a co-worker while they are on vacation. However, make sure that your offer shows you are interested in learning new skills and trying to be helpful, and not stepping on anyone's toes. Summertime slumps are also great opportunities to build stronger relationships with your co-workers. It's important not to count out the administrative, or even mailroom, staff. Though they probably won't end up as a professional mentor, it is good to have a friend in those departments if you have a sudden rush order on copies or some other task. Don't call the boss while they're away on vacation. If you are faced with a problem, instead of calling your boss for help, use it as an opportunity to show you are a problem solver and aren't afraid to take initiative. Don't overstep your welcome in this area though. When faced with major decisions, a quick call or email to the boss could save you from the aftermath of a wrong decision. Lastly, though your position may not be your dream job, it's unwise to conduct your job search while in your current office. If you're overheard interviewing or seen sending out resumes for a new position, the chance for a positive reference might go right out the window. Read the full article.