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Keys to Successfully Re-Entering the Work Force

After a period of unemployment, the initial excitement of finally finding a job can quickly morph into anxieties about re-entering the workplace. In order to avoid unnecessary apprehension, you should attempt to re-establish your work routine a few weeks before you actually return to your full time position.

Emotional volatility can surface if your confidence was injured because of a layoff. Don't assume that there will be no angst associated with your return; decide how you want to answer questions about your layoff before you start work. In most cases saying that your layoff was simply a result of restructuring is enough explanation; try not to sound bitter or standoffish about your layoff. Once you begin your new position, you should start rebuilding your office network. Having people at your side helps you get up to speed that much quicker. Your layoff may not have been your fault, but it is worth assessing whether your own behavior made you vulnerable so you don't make the same mistake twice. Read the full article.