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Want Your Old Job Back?

If your former employer is advertizing an opening for your old job, you may think you're the perfect candidate. You've already held the position, so who could be more qualified? But before you get excited about jumping back into your old career, it is prudent to assess the situation and make sure that you are still right for the position, and that the position is still right for you.

If you were let go for purely budgetary reasons, then there is a good chance that you will get your job back; often though, there is some selectivity about who gets let go. If your departure created any bad feelings, don't assume that these will all be forgotten when you reapply. It is a good idea to contact your former boss to assure them that there are no grudges and that you are excited to return to work. Contacting old co-workers to check up on what has changed in the time you were gone can help you prepare for your interview. Remember, you should approach the application process as if you were a new candidate. Be sure to update your resume and do research to show you haven't fallen behind in what the company has been doing.

Don't be discouraged if you get through the interview process only to find out that it is not a full-time position or that you will be making less than what you made previously. You have to take into account the market conditions, and that wages will rise as the economy improves. Consider contract work: though there are no benefits, the pay is often higher and could lead eventually to a full time position. Read the full article.