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How to Create a Culture of Candor

An open and honest work environment is at the heart of any strong organization. Sugar coating results can often lead to false visions of success and cause problems when the other shoe drops. To avoid such challenges, transparency is key from all colleagues.

It is not uncommon for staff members to spin themselves and their work into positive lights, especially when talking to their superiors. Similarly, bosses can withhold information from their work teams as a source of power. This type of behavior can be beneficial to a person’s motivation and self-esteem but is ultimately destructive to the goals of an organization. It may mask ugly results but for any organization to remain healthy there must be a free flow of information.

Managers must insist on candor at all times if these tendencies are going to be overcome. Troubling information must be taken in stride with good news; and the courage to present unpleasant news should be praised. An organization’s ability to meet challenges and achieve goals is directly related to the degree that the information flow remains healthy.”

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