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Employees Give by Choice—and Everyone Receives

You want involved, engaged, satisfied employees. You also want to be a good corporate citizen with the reputation as an employer of choice so that you attract and retain the best employees.

At the same time, you need to make a profit so you can make money, pay employees, see what you can create, ever more effectively listen to and serve your customers, and provide a work environment in which people want to contribute. You want more than their forty hours; you want the discretionary energy that employees decide whether to contribute at work—or not. Successful departments, functions, and companies get it all. Read More 

Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity

Nothing affects employee morale more insidiously than persistent workplace negativity. It saps the energy of your organization and diverts critical attention from work and performance. Negativity occurs in the attitude, outlook, and talk of one department member, or in a crescendo of voices responding to a workplace decision or event. Read More 

Why do you work?

If leaders see themselves as meaning makers, they can position themselves to guide employees to find purpose, an outcome that we believe directly benefits customers, investors and other stakeholders, and the bottom line.

Leaders understand followers by customizing work so that followers not only meet goals, but also find meaning and purpose from their work experience. Read More 

Why colleges should teach leadership

Elite colleges perceive themselves as incubators for future leaders, but liberal-arts schools are not doing enough to train leaders. Read More 

Celebrity Apprentice: Does the Donald know leadership?

Results, in business and in life can be achieved, but the real question is at what cost? For Trump, leadership is about the results, no matter what the cost. Read More 

Nightmare employees: The three-step solution

You have more control over difficult employee behaviors than you may realize - and you won't have to become a tyrant to wield it. Consider these three suggestions. Read More